Global Kids

Working condition:

Sign-up with us. No membership fee is required. We will set up a meeting to discuss the detail of hiring. 


We will sign a contract when you and parents agree to proceed, and provide you with short start-up training in advance. 

You can work when you are free, as much as you want but limited to a maximum 28 hours a week by law. Parents will select you based on your free time. We will tell you how to visit the client.


When you begin and finish your service, you report from your mobile phone using Line and send the day’s report via mobile phone with photos taken during the sitting. 


Parents will rate your service. When you are rated well, your hourly charge can increase. If they want to assign you as a regular sitter, you will be entitled to have higher hourly rate. Their review will be a reference to other parents when they select a sitter.


If you cancel on short notice or are a no-show without notice, your hourly rate will be reviewed.



We will insure you just in case as we consider safety of both you and the child a top priority. If you work directly with the parents, the insurance will not apply, and safety will be completely your responsibility. So please work through us.


We will send you the estimate of your monthly payment on the 25th of every month by email. You confirm its accuracy and reply to us within 2 days. We will remit the funds to your bank account on the 5th day of the following month. (If the day falls on a weekend, we will remit after the weekend)

If your bank account is not a Japanese mega-bank (Mitsui-Sumitomo/ Tokyo Mitsubishi/ Mizuho) and online remittance is not available, bank transfer commission is paid by you.


Actual transportation fee will be paid up to \700 round trip. If you live far away and the transportation fee is more than \700, the balance will be covered by you, subject to discussion.