Global Kids

Please join us as an English-speaking babysitter /companion for children ages 3 to 12.

English speaking sitter will spend time with a Japanese child or children. It is similar to a baby-sitter but not always. Parents may be present, or you will spend time with a child alone. The purpose is to provide children with a cross-cultural experience through being with a foreign student. English will be the primary language medium, but some parents may prefer other languages.


Parents will select you from the matching site according to your skill, personality, and availability. You will visit their home or meet them in a specified location. The main purpose is to provide Japanese children more opportunities to be exposed to non-Japanese people. You could play with them, help them with their homework, escort them to afterschool or ballet lessons, or you can show them your country’s cuisine etc. This will provide Japanese children with an English immersive environment. Usually parents may be working but not always.



  • Nationality: non-Japanese student under proper student visa. 
  • English as a native language or a secondary language.
  • No criminal record. 
  • Bring your school ID.

When you are interested, please apply from here:

Fill in your information to be posted on matching site.

NB:* Information with asterisk will be posted on a matching site. 

Working condition

メモ: * は入力必須項目です


We will send you the estimate of your monthly payment on the 25th of every month by email. You confirm its accuracy and reply to us within 2 days. We will remit the funds to your bank account on the 5th day of the following month. (If the day falls on a weekend, we will remit after the weekend)

If your bank account is not a Japanese mega-bank (Mitsui-Sumitomo/ Tokyo Mitsubishi/ Mizuho) and online remittance is not available, bank transfer commission is paid by you.


Actual transportation fee will be paid up to \700 round trip. If you live far away and the transportation fee is more than \700, the balance will be covered by you, subject to discussion.